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Filtering and treating water is a primary necessity for everyone, not just domestically but in industrial environments as well. Companies that produce such systems and components must comply with precise standards and consequently their production lines are subjected to very stringent and accurate quality control processes.
Kolver recently supported a company in this sector that sought to optimize a production process which, until then, was plagued by a large number of final products that did not pass quality control and which would become unusable waste. 
In order to disrupt the status quo, the company decided to turn its attention to the tightening process, with the objective of making it much more reliable and repeatable. More specifically, the assembly of elastomer o-rings required a more precise closing torque, as the gasket may lose its seal if the applied torque is too high or too low.

The KBL brushless screwdrivers have proved to be a perfect match for this need: the KBL04FR/S model offers a low-torque range of 0.35 - 3.5 lbf*in at a speed of 700 - 1150 RPM and is therefore suitable for fastening delicate components like o-rings. The torque is set externally by turning the clutch cover and the control unit automatically stops the screwdriver when the desired torque value is reached.
The KBL series is equipped with brushless motors that combine high precision performance with the absence of carbon or other residues on the assembled components and in the surrounding environment, a feature that makes them suitable for "clean room" needs, as in the case of filtering water systems. Furthermore, the absence of brushes and other components subject to wear virtually eliminates all future maintenancesaving time and money for the customer.
The EDU1BL/SG control unit our client selected also provides output signals, which will soon become crucial as the assembly line is integrated into a guided pipeline system with interactive and digital workstations.

The unique features and benefits of the KBL screwdrivers have made it possible to satisfy our customer's needs from all points of view: performance, cleanliness, and maintenance.

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