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Recently, an Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) company secured a significant contract with a leading electric motorcycle manufacturer.
With an increasing emphasis on efficiency and quality, the contract required a rigorous assembly and torque control process to ensure maximum precision and traceability. In response to these requirements, the company has adopted a robust but easy-to-implement solution provided by Kolver to meet specific needs and improve integration within its production ecosystem.

The contract outlined specific requirements for the torque assembly process, including:

  • Torque-controlled tightening of fasteners using an ISO-calibrated tool.
  • Assembly of fasteners according to a designated pattern enforced by a position control system, where each position may necessitate a different tightening torque.
  • Recording of tightening data for every fastener, traceable to each part via its individual serial number.
  • Easy accessibility of tightening data for any given serial number, including (at a minimum) a timestamp, the torque result, and the position within the pattern.

Kolver successfully met all these requirements with a straightforward and cost-effective solution, comprising:

  • The K-DUCER Industry 4.0 screwdriving system equipped with an ISO 17025 calibrated screwdriver with torque and angle control.
  • Direct connection of a barcode scanner to the K-DUCER controller (KDU-1A) for enforcing the scanning and recording of each part's unique serial number.
  • Utilization of the TLS positioning system for spatial position control, enforcement, and ergonomic torque absorption.
  • Complimentary K-Link server software for tightening data acquisition and storage from multiple K-DUCER systems across a network, encompassing all unique serial numbers, tightening result data, torque/angle graphs, and precise timestamps;
  • Automatic storage of data in Excel format, categorized by named torque station and date. Visualization of data corresponding to any given serial number is easily accomplished by filtering the "barcode" column in Excel.
  • Complimentary installation and training provided by Kolver.

The customer expressed genuine amazement at how well the off-the-shelf solution addressed their specific needs and seamlessly integrated into their existing operations

This successful outcome underscores the value of the comprehensive Kolver ecosystem, highlighting its ability to deliver tailored assembly solutions, seamlessly integrating various tools and technologies. Kolver is able to navigate complex manufacturing environments, where numerous requirements and diverse tools are often necessary, highlight our commitment to enhancing efficiency and productivity across a wide spectrum of manufacturing settings and reaffirming our position as a trusted partner in driving operational excellence.