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The KDS-NT, a screwdriver from the K-DUCER line, has officially been patented.
We are proud to share this news, which certifies not only the product and its technology but also our dedication to research and continuous improvement.

The KDS-NT is a screwdriver with an integrated transducer, synonymous with maximum precision and performance in assembly operations.
The transducer, being incorporated into the body, is capable of monitoring and transmitting torque and angle values in real time. The data from each tightening operation is securely stored, ensuring complete traceability, and can also be visualized in the form of graphs, allowing for a more detailed and in-depth analysis. Furthermore, this data can be automatically shared within the network with any server or MES system, integrating seamlessly with Industry 4.0

Turning our attention to its field of application, the KDS-NT model has been specifically developed for very low tightening torques: its range spans from 0.4 to 6.2 lbf*in. This feature makes it particularly suitable for sectors like electronicswatchmaking, and eyewear (as discussed in our dedicated case study) characterized by the extremely small size of the screws and in which the torque accuracy, and operational repeatability are crucial.

The high-performance coreless motor lives within an all-metal body with an ergonomic grip that offers a firm hold thanks to the diamond pattern, while the status LED provides initial feedback on the ongoing operation, distinguishing between OK, NOK, or in-progress tightening.


Available for both manual use and automation, the KDS-NT pairs with the KDU-NT control unit, featuring an intuitive touchscreen interface through which up to 64 programs and 8 sequences can be set, as well as advanced functions like torque-angle management and prevailing torque settings.

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