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We’re thrilled to introduce K-Graph, our new torque-tightening analysis software that's included with our K-DUCER screwdriving system!

In the world of industrial fastening, precision, accuracy and error avoidance are of utmost importance, which is why we developed K-Graph, a simple yet powerful visualization tool designed to aid fastening engineers and production managers with their torque and joint analysis processes.

Let's take a look at some of K-Graph's features and benefits:

Past data analysis
With its user-friendly interface, K-Graph allows users to quickly load torque tightening data and visualize torque vs time and torque vs angle graphs for each tightening operation.
K-Graph offers advanced features like superimposing multiple graphs, making it effortless to compare & contrast different tightening procedures
Whether you're analyzing successful batches or investigating the cause behind a failure, K-Graph's graph overlay functionality provides an intuitive way to identify patterns, discrepancies, and areas for improvement.


Real-time analysis
With K-Graph, users can also connect live to any K-DUCER controller and visualize the tightening results in real time, monitoring the production line. 


In the lab
Engineers and production managers can also fine-tune new tightening operations on the flyreducing the time required to determine, adjust, and verify a new torque tightening specification.
For instance, with its zooming and panning capabilities, K-Graph allows users to delve into specific sections of the graph for a more detailed analysis. 

Advanced torque parameters
K-Graph is also particularly helpful when setting up a K-DUCER screwdriver to work in any of its advanced-torque modes.
Take our popular running/prevailing-torque mode, for example.

In order to use it effectively with a particular joint, it’s important to determine the right parameters to input into the K-DUCER settings for the running torque phase interval, seating point, and torque range.

By running several tightening operations while connected to K-Graph, users can zoom in on the crucial stages of the tightening process and quickly identify the correct settings to utilize.


Special fasteners and unusual joint
Another area where K-Graph can provide a lot of value is when studying the behavior of special fasteners and unusual joints. Simply perform a few rundowns and open up the graphs to visualize the torque curve, highlighting interesting patterns, inflection points . Programming your torque strategy in your K-DUCER screwdrivers then becomes a breeze! 

Experience the ease, power, and precision that will unlock the full potential of your production line by switching over to Kolver’s K-DUCER intelligent fastening system and coupling it with our free K-Graph software today!