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We are delighted to introduce the Universal Robots URCap application for our K-DUCER series of electric screwdrivers with torque and angle control! This seamless integration solution will allow any K-DUCER to be plug-and-played into any collaborative robot production environment. 

While it has always been possible to integrate Kolver screwdrivers with UR robots using the Modbus TCP interface or digital I/O, our new URCap application simplifies the process, fully eliminating the need for manual configuration in PolyScope.

Now integrating your K-DUCER screwdriver is as easy as plugging in an Ethernet cable and setting up the IP addresses of the KDU and UR cobot. 


Key features of the URCap application include a dedicated program node that allows you to:

  • Select the desired K-DUCER program (all advanced features are supported, including support for self-tapping screws and prevailing torque monitoring & compensation!);
  • Run the screwdriver in tightening mode or reverse direction;
  • Set the force with which the robot pushes the screwdriver down on the screw during tightening (you can also use the default value, if unsure);
  • Store torque and angle results to any variable of your choice so that the robot application can continue accordingly;
  • Respond intelligently to any error or unexpected result;
  • Maintain Full Industry 4.0 compliance & traceability through the K-DUCER control unit;

Additionally, the URCap application includes a simplified node for reversing the driver into a screw presenter pickup location, facilitating screw engagement using magnetism or vacuum.



Finally our URCap is fully compatible with both the e-series as well as the older CB3 series robots. Got an aging CB3 robot in need of a project? Bring it back to life as an automated screwdriving solution!

Ready to automate your screwdriving operations? Download the URCap plugin here or from the K-DUCER product page and reach out to Kolver for any questions or assistance with your project. 

Streamline your automation process today with the Universal Robots URCap for K-DUCER torque electric screwdrivers.