26 March 2024

Universal Robots & Kolver: introducing our new URCap plugin

We are delighted to introduce the Universal Robots URCap application for our K-DUCER series of electric screwdrivers with torque and angle control! This seamless integration solution will allow any K-DUCER to be plug-and-played into any collaborative robot production environment. 

While it has always been possible to integrate Kolver screwdrivers with UR robots using the Modbus TCP interface or digital I/O, our new URCap application simplifies the process, fully eliminating the need for manual configuration in PolyScope.

Now integrating your K-DUCER screwdriver is as easy as plugging in an Ethernet cable and setting up the IP addresses of the KDU and UR cobot. 


06 March 2024

Multi-step Torque strategies in the assembly process

As we have seen before, running torque, also called prevailing torque, is the torque required to overcome friction and/or any locking feature in a threaded fastening application, which produces no clamp load, or bolt stretch - in other words, running torque is the torque required to seat the screw head against the component being fastened, before the actual tightening and clamping begins.