02 November 2023

ESG Criteria in the World of Kolver

Environmental, Social, and Governance Sustainability Criteria Applied to the Business Reality

Sustainability, when viewed in its most comprehensive context, has evolved into a pivotal component of business growth.

In this regard, we adhere to the principles of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG). These principles, which have significantly shaped global and entrepreneurial development, were established by the United Nations in 2005 and provide a north star for our company as well.


26 October 2023

Case History #3 | Eyewear industry: tightening tiny screws

Made-in-Italy is synonymous with quality in all industries, and eyewear is no exception.
Anyone can tell whether the glasses they hold in their hands are of value or a low-grade product. More so than the brand or logo that’s on the frame, it’s the materials and overall robustness that make us appreciate the quality and the attention to details that was put into their production.


18 October 2023

K-DUCER: Firmware v38 Now Available

The K-DUCER system continues to evolve: the v38 firmware version is now available for the KDU-1 and KDU-1A control units.


11 October 2023

Running Torque strategies in the assembly process

Running torque, also known as prevailing torque, is defined by NASA as “the torque required to overcome kinetic friction of the mating threads plus the torque required to overcome any locking feature when 100% of the locking feature is engaged and the fastener is unseated”.


09 October 2023

Basic theory of threaded fasteners

The function of a threaded fastener, such as a screw, is to secure two parts together. It achieves this by exerting a clamping force that compresses the two parts together.


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