04 October 2023

Kolver’s Carbon Footprint: CFP as a New Corporate Value in order to improve our positive impact

What is a company’s Carbon Footprint? For a business, being aware of its carbon footprint is ground zero for initiating a Sustainability Project.


07 September 2023

Prevailing torque locking

Prevailing torque locking is a technique used to provide secondary locking in threaded fasteners to ensure that these fasteners remain securely tightened over time, even in the presence of vibrations, thermal expansion, and other dynamic loads.


24 August 2023

Case history #2 | Water purification: precision, reliability and cleanliness in the tightening process

Filtering and treating water is a primary necessity for everyone, not just domestically but in industrial environments as well. Companies that produce such systems and components must comply with precise standards and consequently their production lines are subjected to very stringent and accurate quality control processes.


01 August 2023

New K-Graph software!

We’re thrilled to introduce K-Graph, our new torque-tightening analysis software that's included with our K-DUCER screwdriving system!


20 July 2023

Case History #1 | A fast and reliable revamping process

The competitive nature, and regulations, of today’s global market is such that companies in any industry must adopt the highest possible standards in all aspects of their production process.
This is especially true for manufacturers in the combustion safety and control sector, as in the case of a Kolver customer which fabricates safety and control products for gas firing systems and fuel oil appliances.


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