19 July 2023

New control unit EDU2AE/HPRO/TA

The new EDU2AE/HPRO/TA control unit capable of handling torque/angle parameters for the set program and with torque range 3.10-619.55 lbf-in is available.


13 July 2023

K-Link 1.1 is now available

The newest version of our free K-Link software is now available and the software is now compatible with our entire K-DUCER line, including the MicroTorque KDU-NT, as well as with our entire PLUTO, MITO & NATO line, provided a EDU2AE (HPRO or higher) controller is used.


11 July 2023

What is the main difference between a transducer screwdriver, a current-controlled screwdriver and a clutch screwdriver?

Anybody tasked with equipping an assembly line with torque electric screwdrivers will run into a few different technologies while researching their options. These include clutch screwdrivers, current-controlled screwdrivers and transducer screwdrivers.


05 May 2023

New K-DUCER NT screwdrivers for low torque

The new micro torque K-Ducer, the KDS-NT, is the latest addition to our transducerized screwdriver line and it's the most intelligent and cost-effective tool on the micro-torque market in the 0.4 - 6.2 lbf-in range.


17 January 2023

Torque auditing (measuring fastened bolts)

While tools like Kolver's electric screwdrivers with torque & angle control ensure that the correct torque is applied during assembly, companies may still have a need to audit existing joints at a later date, perhaps as part of their ongoing quality control process.


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