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Title Description
K-Expand K-Expand is a free PC software companion to the KDU-1A control unit for managing settings, programs and sequences. K-Expand makes creating and managing even the largest sets of programs & sequences a breeze.
K-Expand-NT K-Expand-NT is the KDU-NT-specific version of our K-Expand software.
EDU-Expand EDU-Expand is a free PC software for managing settings, programs and sequences of EDU2AE/TOP/E and EDU2AE/TOP/TA control units.
K-Link K-Link allows you to automatically retrieve and save the screwdriving results from multiple networked K-Ducer controllers in real time, with no user intervention required. Suitable for use in any production environment, K-Link turns any PC into a simple-yet-effective traceability database for your torque tightening data. K-Link stores the full torque & angle graph data for each tightening in CSV format, ready to use with your favorite spreadsheet program.
K-Link Linux K-Link for Linux.
K-Graph K-Graph allows you to visualize and analyze tightening results from any KDU-1A and KDU-NT control unit, both in real-time as well as previous data. Ideal for joint analysis and ensuring that the correct settings are being used in production.
Torque Analyzer Our free software for the Mini K torque testers can plot graphs, generate calibration reports in PDF and Excel, and analyze all past tightening operations.
K-Torque-Analyzer Our free software for the K-Tester line can plot graphs, generate calibration reports in PDF and Excel, analyze all past tightening operations, and manage settings & parameters for any K-Tester control unit.
URCap URCap plugin to use K-DUCER with Universal Robots