10 July 2024

Siemens S7 PLC integration now available

PLCs are commonly used to control, monitor, or error proof production processes. Some factories may opt for fully automated lines, while others adopt a hybrid approach with some manual operations and some automated steps. But even in fully manual assembly lines, it is ever more common to find PLCs for data acquisition, error proofing, and to control assembly tools such as the Kolver K-DUCER.

The K-DUCER has been compatible with industrial PLCs via the industry-standard Modbus TCP network protocol from day 1, but today Kolver is making it even easier for automation engineers to interface Siemens S7 PLCs with the Kolver K-DUCER!


11 June 2024

Mastering Running Torque in Precision Assembly

In precision assembly, ensuring that each fastener is tightened to the exact torque specification is essential, particularly in load-bearing parts. Properly accounting for running torque, also known as prevailing torque, is critical in achieving this precision. By accurately managing running torque, manufacturers can improve the consistency and reliability of their assembly process.


04 June 2024

Tool calibration 101

Regularly checking and calibrating industrial-grade torque tools is an essential part of quality control for any production line, and vital to maintaining a productive line, high-quality products, and worker safety.
Torque tools need calibration to ensure that they are functioning properly, complying with international regulations and standards, and producing repeatable, accurate results.


28 May 2024

14 May 2024

K-TESTER: now up to 200 Programs

Kolver is excited to announce a significant enhancement to its innovative K-TESTER torque measurer. The K-TESTER now supports up to 200 programs, making it more flexible and adaptable to any and all torque testing and calibration needs.


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