03 April 2024

Common tightening strategies in assembly

In the world of assembly, threaded fasteners are essential components that hold structures and machines together. However, simply installing a fastener is not enough to ensure the integrity and safety of the final product.


26 March 2024

Universal Robots & Kolver: introducing our new URCap plugin

We are delighted to introduce the Universal Robots URCap application for our K-DUCER series of electric screwdrivers with torque and angle control! This seamless integration solution will allow any K-DUCER to be plug-and-played into any collaborative robot production environment. 

While it has always been possible to integrate Kolver screwdrivers with UR robots using the Modbus TCP interface or digital I/O, our new URCap application simplifies the process, fully eliminating the need for manual configuration in PolyScope.

Now integrating your K-DUCER screwdriver is as easy as plugging in an Ethernet cable and setting up the IP addresses of the KDU and UR cobot. 


06 March 2024

Multi-step Torque strategies in the assembly process

As we have seen before, running torque, also called prevailing torque, is the torque required to overcome friction and/or any locking feature in a threaded fastening application, which produces no clamp load, or bolt stretch - in other words, running torque is the torque required to seat the screw head against the component being fastened, before the actual tightening and clamping begins.


26 February 2024

Case History #5: precise tightening and position control

An Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) company secured a significant contract with a leading electric motorcycle manufacturer. With an increasing emphasis on efficiency and quality, the contract required a rigorous assembly and torque control process to ensure maximum precision and traceability. In response to these requirements, the company has adopted a robust but easy-to-implement solution provided by Kolver to meet specific needs and improve integration within its production ecosystem.


20 February 2024

Kolver, NOM-certified in Mexico since 2021

Kolver, NOM-certified in Mexico since 2021

We would like to remind our clients and distributors that Kolver has had NOM certification in Mexico since 2021, underscoring Kolver's commitment to meeting the highest standards of safety, reliability, and regulatory compliance in the Mexican market for its torque tools.


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